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How often should I have my house cleaned?

That’s totally up to you! Every household has different needs and we can discuss a cleaning schedule that will work best for you. Most of our clients are on a bi-weekly schedule, but we have others that require weekly or monthly cleans.

Do I have to be home when you clean my house?

Absolutely not. In fact, most clients prefer to have their homes cleaned when they are out at work and provide us with a key on the day of our first scheduled clean. All client house keys are kept in a secure environment.

Do you bring your own cleaning products and vacuum?

We do travel with a vacuum and cleaning supplies, but this is something that is discussed at the initial home assessment. Typically, clients provide the cleaning products that are used in their home (as many people have product preferences). If it’s discussed during the home assessment that Lemon Life will need to supply all products used, the quote will be reflective of that.

Is it okay if I have pets?

We love pets! And we’re happy to be in your home if you have them. During the home assessment, we will discuss your pets and any special instructions that we need to be aware of.

What day of the week will you clean my house?

Our standard house cleaning services are offered Monday through Friday. Special requests may be accommodated on weekends. During the home assessment, we will discuss days/times that we have available and that will work for you.

What time of day will you clean my house?

Our cleaning services are offered from 8 am to 4 pm. If you are on a scheduled rotation, the time of day that we clean you house will more than likely remain the same from visit to visit, unless there is a specific reason to come at a different time of day.

How do you get into our house if we’re not home?

During the initial home assessment, we discuss entry into your home. Most of our clients are comfortable providing us with a key, which we keep in a secure location. If you are unable to provide us with a key, special arrangements will need to be made.

When I call you, will I get to speak with someone or will I have to leave a voicemail?

Although we answer calls as often as possible, there will be times when we are unable to answer the phone and you will have to leave a voicemail. We check our messages frequently throughout the day and will return your call as soon as we can.

What will it cost to have my house cleaned?

Our quotes are all customized depending on size of clients’ homes and their needs. Quotes are provided during the initial, no-obligation home assessment.

Do you sell gift certificates?

At this time, we do not sell gift certificates for our services.

How many people will be coming to clean my house?

At this time, there will only be one person coming to clean your home. This may change as our team expands in the future.

What does an average house cleaning visit consist of?

The average house cleaning visit consists of four main activities: deep clean of kitchen, deep clean of bathrooms, dusting throughout the home (including bedrooms, living rooms, offices, etc.) and vacuuming/mopping floors.

What if there are parts of our house that we don’t want cleaned?

That’s totally fine! Some of our clients hire us to clean just a portion of their home – typically the parts that are most ‘lived in’. During the initial home assessment, we thoroughly discuss what areas of your home you want cleaned and your customized quote is reflective of that.